Discover Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis, a city which brings you in mind the distant past and the beauty of today. A “key- city” of Greece, either you leave or you come from East and West. Alexandroupolis, an “open hug” turned to the Sea. A city of tradition and novelties, a city of relax and entertainment, a city of sea and tourism. Its location is a junction uniting Europe with Asia, West with East making it accessible from the rest of Greece as well as the rest of the world, by any means of transport: through land, air or sea.

Capital of a prefecture, with all the services available to its guests and also gifted with the hospitable spirit of its 60000 inhabitants. Water sports, cozy taverns, coffee shops and bars along the sea-front, luxury hotels and numerous possibilities of entertainment can guarantee to the visitors of the city a pleasant atmosphere of vacations and a cozy staying.

The seaside villages of the city of Alexandroupolis- Makri, Mesimbria, Dikella-, as well as the mountain villages- Potamos, Abas, esymi, Leptokarya, Kirki, Sykorrahi- offer the visitors ways of unique natural beauty. Additionally, Alexandroupolis is located very close to some very important ecological places such as Dadia, the Delta of Evros and the hot water springs of Traianoupolis.